From time to time we develop different unique products and solutions for our clients as a part of our core branding service. These products are sometimes further developed to suit a wider range of companies, businesses and clients. We also have a research and development team that is responsible of developing solutions and ideas for different sectors of the Nigerian economy. Below is a list of some of our products.

Interim Management
The interim management program is a unique package created on request from customers to help assist businesses going through managerial crisis, companies that want us to supervise the launch of a new product or the take-off of a new project, and companies that require exceptional managerial skills at a period of recovery or at start-up.
Schools' Portal
www.schoolsportal.com.ng was created to give school administrators more control of there Jobs. It provides them the opportunity to manage their school from anywhere in the world right from their laptops, desktops and even mobile deveices. It also gives parents the opportunity to check in on their children and Wards from time to time, interact with their class teachers and school admins too. They can also join discussion groups and be a part of an online parent forum. Students can check results online, get homework online, lecture notes etc and can also meet and interact with their friends other students online via social netwroking sites like facebook, twiter and Yahoo.
www.allova.com is a news portal built to promote citizens Journalism. The site allows users to report news and happenings in their communities directly on the website in their own words. News posted on the site are screened by a moderator before they are published on the site.
www.griptext.com is a web-based mobile communication application that allows you to send text messages from your computer to mobile phones.